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Spinal Shock Treatment

Spinal shock is a normal reaction of the body to an injury or trauma in the spinal cord. Reactions can start just a few minutes from the time of injury although it can take few hours for it to manifest physically. Lessen in sensation and movement happens below the level of injury. Swelling usually occurs […]

Spinal Laser Surgery

Spinal laser surgery is a surgical procedure that relieves back pain due to various back problems. It is minimally invasive treatment that most patients opt for today. Surgeons usually performs the procedure using endoscopic methods which uses a flexible tube attach to it is a tiny camera to access the part of the spine that […]

Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure which is performed to correct problems in the small bones of the spine. The basic thing is to join together the painful vertebrae so that they heal into a single bone. This procedure is only done if the surgeon can really point the source of pain. To make this […]

Lumbar Spinal Surgery

Lower back or lumbar spine condition is usually caused by injury or trauma, herniated disc, osteophytes and spinal stenosis. Sign and symptoms of lumbar spine problems include weakness of legs or feet; pain, numbness of feet, toes or legs; and loss of bladder or bowel control. For severe cases of lumbar spine problem or conditions […]

Arthroscopic Spinal Surgery

Arthroscopic spinal surgery is actually a minimally invasive kind of back surgery that is done through a small cut compared to the traditional spinal surgery where the incision is quite large. The procedure makes use of an arthroscope. It is thin flexible equipment about the size of a drinking straw where the spinal surgeon can […]

Herniated Disc Treatment

A herniated disc is caused by a fragment of the normal spinal disc becoming dislodged and this fragment pressing against the nerves surrounding the spinal cord, or against the spinal cord itself causing excruciating pain in the lumbar region of the back. When people talk of a ‘slipped disc’ they mean a herniated disc. This […]

Herniated Disc Surgery

A disc that is herniated occurs when a fragmented part of a damaged vertebral spinal disc dislodges itself from the original disc and then presses against a nerve attached to the spine, or when the fragment of spinal disc presses against the spinal cord itself. Herniated Disc Surgery or Lumbar Discectomy is spine surgery done […]