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Lumbar Laminectomy

Lumbar laminectomy is a kind of surgical procedure which is done to ease pain that is cause by pressure in the nerves. In this procedure it removes some part of a disc material or bone that presses on the nerves causing compression. By removing this material the nerve root are given space and the time […]

Laser Spine Surgery Options

Most people today have missed work due to back problems. Pain disables them to do their daily task or activities. It can be very frustrating and at the same time depressing. Many doctors prescribed non-invasive form of treatment to manage the pain and eventually treat the source of pain. In some severe cases surgery might […]

Arthroscopic Spinal Surgery

Arthroscopic spinal surgery is actually a minimally invasive kind of back surgery that is done through a small cut compared to the traditional spinal surgery where the incision is quite large. The procedure makes use of an arthroscope. It is thin flexible equipment about the size of a drinking straw where the spinal surgeon can […]