Best Stretches For Sciatica

Sciatica actually refers to any discomfort or pain in the sciatic nerve. These sciatic nerves are one of the largest nerves in the body that runs from the spinal cord down the back region of the leg down to the foot. If sciatic nerve gets damage or pressed then it may result to pain from the back and spread down to the foot. The pain felt is generally burning and sharp thus medical attention is a must.

Exercise can help sciatica a lot. Such exercise they call sciatica stretches. However such sciatica stretches does not really cure sciatica but they can alleviate the pain and other symptoms when perform with other sciatica treatment options. So here are some of the best sciatica stretches.

Stretch # 1: With your back in the floor, bring one of your knees up till it touches your chest. You may make use of your hands to pull the knee towards your chest. You will slowly feel the stretch in your leg. Hold this position for about ten to twenty seconds. Do it with the other leg.

Stretch #2: With your back on the floor cross right leg over your left leg. Bring your left leg towards your chest. Hold it with both your hands. This will stretch your muscles in the butt. Stay in this position for about ten to fifteen seconds. This might be quite hard to do but with constant practice your sure will get it. After the fifteen seconds you may return to your original position. Rest for a few seconds and then perform again the given steps this time with the other leg.

Stretch # 3: With your back flat on the floor, bend your knees. Raise your pelvis so that your back flattens and the bone of your pubic rolls up resulting into the curling of your tailbone off the floor. Perform this stretch eight to ten times a day. You may also do this while standing or sitting. You may choose the wall or chair for your back support when you perform it in standing or sitting position.

All the above stretches are considered to be the best stretches for sciatica and they are easy and safe to perform. Inversion therapy is also available for sciatica. However ask your doctor first if such therapy is good for you.