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Elite Fitness IT 9250 Deluxe Inversion Table

Inversion therapy certainly improve your quality of life. If before you constantly miss important appointments or work due to back pains then inversion therapy certainly makes a difference in your life. The use of inversion table in inversion therapy has long been proven to relieve back pain. Why is that? Because with inversion therapy you […]

Elite Fitness Deluxe Massage Inversion Table

Now you can have massage anytime you want without going out to health clubs. You can even have it anytime in the comfort of your own home with the Elite Fitness Deluxe Massage Inversion Table. Elite Fitness has their own complete line of inversion tables including their Elite Fitness ITM 4000 inversion table which features […]

Soozier Elite Gravity Fitness Therapy Exercise Inversion Table

Inversion table along with inversion chairs is a convenient and easy way to benefit from inversion therapy. The use of inversion table is known to bring relief from back pain and most of all it is proven to counter the negative effects of gravity in your body. You might not know it but gravity do […]

Elite Fitness Inversion Table

Is this your nth time to visit your doctor? Perhaps you cannot count anymore how many times you consulted  your doctor in a year because of back pain. Most doctors before readily prescribed anti-inflammatory or pain relievers for mild back pains but for severe back problems they recommend surgery. The thing is surgery does not […]

Elite Fitness IT 9300 Deluxe Inversion Table

Inversion therapy has been something to work up with the past few days. People are generally resorting too many ways in relieving their back aches due to stressful work they encounter. Good thing the inversion therapy is present to provide one with slow and work up process to start the process. The table used in […]