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Seated Chair Massage Techniques

Massage therapy has become a common and recognized form of treatment. With the kind of lifestyle that most individuals lead these days it is no wonder that health problems arise. Advancements in technology have led more and more people to spend most of their time in front of computers, both at work and for recreation. […]

Massage Therapy Business Tips

Massage therapy business is quite a lucrative one. With the increasing number of people who suffers from various back pains it is no wonder that people would resort to massage therapy. Establishing one would entail a lot of careful study. Here are some tips or guidelines to establish your own massage business.

Does Insurance Cover Medical Massage Therapy?

The demand for massage therapy is now increasing as a way to treat certain health conditions or as an aid to help patients recover from serious health conditions. Of course there is insurance coverage that covers the health but not all insurance policies covers the costs of massage therapy. Massage therapy insurance only covers certain […]

How To Get Training In Medical Massage Therapy

Do you want to learn physical therapies? Medical massage therapy training is the way to go. You can take an excellent medical massage course which provides practical training where you learn the fundamentals of body mechanics, body physiology, posture and motion.

Best Places To Get A Seated Chair Massage

If you experience dull pain in your shoulders back or neck, it would be best to have a massage to relax your tense muscles. Massage therapy does not only rejuvenate and relax you but it also brings a lot of benefits to you and is a good option treatment for specific health problems especially back […]

Elite Fitness Deluxe Massage Inversion Table

Now you can have massage anytime you want without going out to health clubs. You can even have it anytime in the comfort of your own home with the Elite Fitness Deluxe Massage Inversion Table. Elite Fitness has their own complete line of inversion tables including their Elite Fitness ITM 4000 inversion table which features […]