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Compression Fractures Of The Spine

The most common type of fracture that affects the spine is the compression fractures. Here it causes the vertebrae or bone to collapse in height. This happens when the vertebrae in the spine is compressed which in turn reduces its height. This is often seen in two groups of people. One is those who suffer […]

Lumbar Laminectomy

Lumbar laminectomy is a kind of surgical procedure which is done to ease pain that is cause by pressure in the nerves. In this procedure it removes some part of a disc material or bone that presses on the nerves causing compression. By removing this material the nerve root are given space and the time […]

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Lumbar spine is the lower part of the spine which consists of five vertebras. Nerves that is from the spinal cord goes through the spinal canal and goes out through small openings in the sides of the vertebral which is called foramen. Lumbar spinal Stenosis results when the spinal canal becomes narrowed or if it […]

Spinal Braces

Spinal brace is a tool that is use in the body for various reasons. Generally a spinal brace is use as support to spinal fusion after surgery, try to correct spinal curve like in scoliosis without having to resort to surgery and it simply to protect spine after surgery. For some people, a brace may […]

Lumbar Spinal Surgery

Lower back or lumbar spine condition is usually caused by injury or trauma, herniated disc, osteophytes and spinal stenosis. Sign and symptoms of lumbar spine problems include weakness of legs or feet; pain, numbness of feet, toes or legs; and loss of bladder or bowel control. For severe cases of lumbar spine problem or conditions […]