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Calm Gravity Inversion Table

Is stress been overwhelming you lately resulting to neck or back pain? Relax and help your body recover from the effects of stress, compression and gravity with the Calm Gravity Inversion Table. This inversion table suits individuals whose heights are 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. With daily use, this equipment will […]

Stamina 551539 Therapy Inversion System

Inversion Therapy is a great way to treat and prevent chronic back problems and even repetitive back pain. Millions of people today suffer from back pain due to various back problems. This kind of discomfort does not only affect those individuals who are advance of age but it can strike anybody at any age. This […]

Stamina Seated Inversion Core Training System

Are you experiencing constant back pain? It can be very frustrating especially since it always comes back without any signal at all. Most people just treat it with anti inflammatory drugs or any other pain medications. For severe cases doctors do recommend surgery but there is one method that does not involve surgery and is […]

Stamina Inversion Pro with Assist

Inversion is an excellent way of relieving oneself of lower back pain and stress on your joist that bears much of your weight as well as your back. It lessens the negative effect of gravity by placing your feet much higher than your head. Just to put it simply – hang you upside down. It […]

Stamina Gravity Inversion Table

Back pain is  a frustrating condition for lots of people. It can strike you repeatedly and at any time. Both young and old suffers from such condition. It can be mild to severe pain but nevertheless it brings too much discomfort to an individual. The best way to treat such condition is through Inversion therapy. […]