Causes Of Pain In The Neck Area

The cervical spine or simply the neck consists of vertebrae which starts at the upper trunk and ends in the base of the skull. It is the vertebrae with its ligaments and cervical discs that give stability to the spine. It is the neck that supports the weight of the head and it has a good amount of motion but since this part of the spine is less protected than the other parts of the spine, it is susceptible to injury and other conditions that brings pain and limits movements.

For most individuals neck pain is no big deal and usually goes away on its own with no treatment at all but there are other cases which need proper medical diagnosis and treatment. It is important then to identify the cause of the problem so as to initiate the right treatment. Here are some of the causes of pain in the neck area.

Cervical Disk Degeneration

It is the disc that functions as shock absorber between the vertebrae of the neck. In the degeneration of the cervical disc which usually strikes individuals ages forty years old and above, the soft like inner material of the disc deteriorates so that the space between the vertebrae thins. This cervical disc has the tendency to bulge out and the material that bulges out can put pressure in the nerve roots around it. This condition can bring too much pain in the neck area.

Several studies have been conducted and studies showed that people after the age forty about sixty percent of the population shows signs of cervical disc degeneration. Indeed this condition is most common to elderly people (Spine 1987)

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis can injure the joints of the neck and this can cause severe pain as well as stiffness. The most common location of rheumatoid arthritis is in the upper neck area.


The neck is one of the most flexible part of the body and it us the one that supports the head, unfortunately it is susceptible to injury. Any accidents like motor or vehicle accidents, any injury in any contact sports or a fall accident can lead to neck injury. For preventive measures it is best that one should use safety belts regularly when driving. This can help minimize injury in the neck. For severe injuries where fracture is present, it may cause damage which can result to paralysis.

Other uncommon cause of pain in the neck area includes congenital abnormalities infections or tumors.