How Much Does Back Surgery Cost

Back pain is a common problem today. Base on the record from Center of Disease Control (CDC) about 2.4 million adults suffer from chronic back pain in the United States alone. The cost of surgery to reduce back pain differs on the type of back surgery that one undergoes. However it is advisable to discuss it with your doctor thoroughly. Here are the different types of back surgery with its corresponding cost.

Endoscopic Back Surgery

This surgery makes use of an endoscope inserted into the body through a small cut. This endoscope is furnished with video camera that helps the surgeon do the surgery. This is minimally invasive and less painful to the patient. This procedure also offers a much faster recovery time for the patient. This surgery sre for patients who suffer from pinched nerves and stabilize joints. The cost of this surgery ranges from $6,000 to $8,000.

Spondylodesis Back Surgery

This procedure is also known as spinal fusion. It combines abnormal vertebrae or bones and alleviates the pressure on nerves by eliminating the bones, disc materials around the nerves or ligaments. This procedure makes use of a small piece of bone taken from your hip or any donor and fuses this bone between the damaged vertebrae. Screws and metal rods are put to hold the bone in place. This procedure is quite expensive and the cost ranges from $12,000 to $15,000. Additional cost in removing the bones cost about $3,000.


This procedure involves removing bones laying over the spinal canal which cause the canal to become enlarged. This lessens the pressure on the nerves. The cost for such surgery is $85,000.


This process needs an injection of  bone cement into the condensed vertebrae to fix compressed or fractured vertebrae. This procedure usually cost $2,500.
This does not include the after care cost which includes back brace, pain medications after surgery, equipments like walker and physical therapy which can cost around $50 to $100 per session. Number of sessions depends on how fast you recover. Generally it takes around ten to twenty sessions.