What To Expect After Back Surgery?

Back pain nowadays is very rampant. Almost all of the population in the United States has experience back pain once in their lifetime. But there are people too that experience the pain too often that medical attention is really needed. Most of the time if pain persist then surgery might be your only option. Preparing for your surgery is important as well after your surgery. Your recovery time depends so much on your after care.

The kind of back surgery determines how long your period of healing will be. Outcomes of such surgery do not guarantee 100% success. So what do you expect after back surgery?

Recovery Time. Recovery time may take three to twelve weeks depending on how large the affected area is and the extent of the damage of the back.

Hospital Stay. Hospital stay may range from a week or two depending on the type of surgery perform. However a person involves in an accident or one with scoliosis may stay longer in the hospital.

Your first day in the hospital will be mostly for rest. You will sure have to take some pain medication to take care of the pain after surgery and your diet will consist of a liquid diet until you are able to move bowels.

The second day, the tubes that has been inserted will then be eliminated and you medication will now be adjusted. You have to start moving now like get up and walk. You will now receive full meal as long as your bowel starts to function normally.

After Care. After care is needed after any back surgery which can be minor to extensive. Your activities will involve a lot of walking. For those people who need extensive rehabilitation may need to go through a series of physical therapy recommended by your doctor.