Types Of Back Surgery

Back pain is a common condition that millions of people all over the world are experiencing. The cause of such includes injuries, the normal tear or wear and of course aging. This condition does not only affect those who are advance in age but even children. It is such an unfortunate situation that the number of people suffering from such condition is increasing everyday. Most treatment option for back pain is medications and therapy but if this fails then the last option would be back surgery.

There are different types of back surgery and the type of surgery that one undergoes will depend on the patient’s injury or condition. Below are the types of surgery for back pain cause by various back conditions.

Artificial Disks. It is an alternative to fusion surgery. Artificial disks are implanted in the spine. It is use to treat pain linked with degenerated or injured disc.

Discectomy. It is an open surgery where part of herniated vertebra is eliminated to lessen the pain that spread out down the leg and arm due to an inflamed nerve.

Fusion Surgery. This surgery joins two or more bones using bone grafts or metal devices and screws in the spine for good. This is sometimes use to cure pain between the vertebrae which is due to injured disk.

Laminectomy. It involves removing one or both sides of the lamina to widen the spinal canal. As a result it lessens pressure in the spinal cord that is cause by spinal stenosis.

Nucleoplasty. People who are suffering from herniated disc can benefit from nucleoplasty. This is done to people who frequently suffers from low back pain due to herniated disc. It is done by inserting a radiofrequency energy wand to the herniated disc to eliminate the thing that causes the inflammation.

Vertebroplasty. It is done by injecting cement into the vertebral bone to support osteoporosis compression fractures and as a result relieves back pain.

Other types of back surgery are Foraminotomy, IntreDiscal Electothermal Therapy and spinal cord stimulation. Depending on the cause of your back pain, you will find above the types of surgery available to relieve back pain.

Just like any surgery procedure, it entails risk on your health and does not really guarantee 100% recovery but at least you will know all the options that you have and as always only you can decide which method to use whether you go for therapies, medications or surgery. Whatever your choice is just make sure that you have all the information and knowledge to arrive to a right decision. Know that your health is the most important thing of all.