Back Surgery Procedures

Back surgery refers to a variety of surgical interventions designed to alleviate muscular, skeletal, and cervical problems in the back and spine. These surgeries are commonly recommended for back pain that is not responsive to medication management, massage therapy, or physical therapy. However, most doctors are cautious in recommending back surgery due to a relatively high occurrence of side effects with this type of treatment and a relatively low success rate for relieving pain.

Kinds of Back Surgery Procedures

Open Back Surgery. This is the traditional way of back surgery and it involves a large cut at the back and multiple layers of tissues and muscles dissection for you to reach the spine. This is one procedure that brings about the worst results and complications. It also takes a long period of recovery for the patient.

Minimally Invasive Surgery. This involves only a small incision either in the back, front or even on the side of the body. A tube is inserted where tools for surgery is place. The procedure is done through the use of live x-ray. This method leaves the patient less scar and do not cause damage to healthy bone, muscle and skin.

Advanced minimally invasive surgery. This is done through ultrasound, radiofrequency and other high tech gadgets. This procedure involves less incision and more treatment through the use of needle, thin catheter or tube and electrode. Patients feel much more comfortable and patient does not have to stay in the hospital at all but they can go home on the same day the procedure is done. It involves less risk so if you plan to undergo with back surgery then it is better to choose this procedure.

The rate of success for back surgery is very low. In fact most patients who undergo back surgery reports that they still suffer the same pain and even worst than before. It is important then that you explore all options before you finally decide to have back surgery. Try to find the source of the pain if the cause is really physical or it is all in the mind. So make sure to investigate first for you to make a wise decision.