Back Surgery Recovery

Back pain is one condition that is very frustrating especially if it is a recurring pain and comes on unexpected times so that there might be cases that you will miss important appointments and even miss work. Back pain can be a minor or serious problem depending on the cause of the problem. If the pain is mild and is just due to poor posture then this kind of pain can be managed with conventional medications.

Severe back pain might be due to serious back conditions where your only option is surgery. If this is the case then you should try to discuss with your doctor the best type of surgery that brings lesser risk. After the surgery you will need more time to recover. A patient should be prepared before and after the surgery so that recovery would be much faster. Here are some of the things that one should do if undergo surgery;

Plan in Advance. One of the things that one should do is to prepare ahead of time for post surgery activities. You should be able to find company at home if you are living alone. After surgery it might be hard to move around the house thus to have help from others would be much better. Also your abode should be free of all items that might cause you to trip to avoid any accidents. Plan ahead of time the food that you need after the surgery.

Water is a MUST for Back Surgery Recovery. Drink a lot of water because water is very important aspect for back surgery recovery. However it would be very hard for you to get up every time you need a drink so make sure that you have a sports bottle with a squirt top to avoid any discomfort whenever you need a drink. That way you do not have to get up all the way but you can drink on reclined position.

Pain Reliever Medications. You can take pain relievers for the pain, if it does not take away the pain completely then you can apply ice to the affected area. It relieves pain and reduces swelling and muscle spasm too. Also applying heat pads can also help in easing the pain.

Follow Doctors Instructions Regarding Exercise. Exercise plays a big part in your recovery. You can do low impact exercise, you can do slow but steady walking and other exercise that is recommended by your doctor.

Proper Diet is Important. The most important thing during the recovery stage is having a proper diet. Eat foods that are rich with protein like meat products to help the body heal fast. Not to forget plenty of fruits and vegetables. Also most patients would experience constipation thus they should drink plenty of prune juice.

The road to recovery might be slow or fast. You cannot possibly rush healing. Regaining back your strength and restoring full range of movement will definitely take some time. You should have patience and persistence and you will be on your way to recovery in no time.