Pelvic Traction For Back Pain Relief

Traction otherwise famous as spinal decompression therapy focuses in the mechanical and functional feature of discogenic pain. Traction has existed long, long time ago and has been use by a physiotherapists for a long time now. Traction can be done manually although today with the advance in computer technology, there are machines designed for spinal decompression therapy.

This machine features a computerized system that has a pre-programmed cycle patterns with just the right amount of axial decompression which permits for higher level of spinal traction as well as disc re-hydration. During the therapy the spinal is stretch so that if a disc material has bulge out, it tends to bring back in the herniated material and allow healing to happen. Since the herniated material has return to its place, it releases off pressure in the inflamed nerves promoting healing.

For lower back pain, a pelvic harness is use by the patient and the patient lies in an equipped table where stretching starts. The force is operated through the pelvic harness till the right tension is reached. After the right tension is reached then slowly the tension is decrease and the process is repeated again. This level of tension is individually adjusted and recorded.

For neck pain, the head is positioned comfortably in the supportive device which pulls the neck gently stretching the joints in your cervical spine or neck. Care positioning and calibration is applied so as to bring enough tension to relieve symptoms.

With repeated treatments for a period of time, it lets the outer layer of the disc to heal and keep the gel-like material in the center of the disc. Also the traction brings back nutrients to the disc. It re-hydrates the disc and heals it. One can also change the position of the traction pull as well as the height of the table so as to focus only in a particular segment of the spine and certain direction.

This therapy is painless and some patients experience relief once decompression occurs. Aside from the traction or spinal decompression therapy, it is important that one has to follow the prescribed home exercise by your physiotherapist so as to minimize the stress in the disc and participate in the right stabilization and strengthening program.

Traction is quite effective in managing symptoms of the following back conditions – herniated or bulging disc, spinal Stenosis, sciatica, facet syndrome, degenerative disc disease, neck pain, pain that is radiating down the arm, pinched nerves and spondylitis

To date there are a lot of research and studies conducted for traction as one way of relieving back pain, unfortunately the results need to be studied further to really determine the efficacy of the device (Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2008).