Lower Left Back Pain

Left lower back pain can sometimes be a bother but it does not really pose great danger to ones health. But if untreated and ignored for a long time can develop into a much serious condition. Pain that is felt in the lower back left side is mostly cause by common condition but no matter how common and simple it is, still it is vital that you understand the symptoms and causes of your back pain for you to prevent any serious condition from developing.

There are various reasons why lower back pain in the left side happens. The most common reason for back pain lower left is overuse as a result of too much exercise or repetitive lifting of heavy objects which often cause the muscle to be strained in the left lower back. Another cause for pain is overweight which place an added weight and pressure on the lower back. Poor posture is another culprit for having lower back pain.

A more serious cause of lower back pain in the left side can be attributed to different health conditions like the one listed below.

  • Arthritis. This conditions occurs when the joints in the back is inflamed and worn. The disc between the vertebrae thinned thus causing pain in moving.
  • Osteoporosis. This condition can cause severe lower back pain. With osteoporosis you are at risk of fractures since your bone is thinning and losses density.
  • Herniated Disc. With this condition the disc begins to bulge out and push into the spinal column which causes sever pain in the lower back. It does not only bring pain in the lower back but it also cause pinched nerve resulting to weakness and pain in the back and can spread out to the legs down to your toes.

There are various Lower left back pain causes as mentioned above but in most instances, lower back pain in the left side is attributed to strained muscle. If this is the case then back pain can be easily relieved through traditional means. Limit your activities and rest. Avoid lifting too heavy objects so as not to put more strained in the affected area. An alternate of cold and hot packs is good too. Ice packs followed by hot packs are the best way to ease the pain and lessen the tension from your strained muscle thus lessens left lower pain.

Another good option to treat left lower back pain is through Physical therapy. A good exercise can help strengthen your back and relieve pain. That has been proven already in the study titled "Effectiveness of a Home Exercise Programme in Low Back Pain" ( Physiotherapy Research International 2007) but if pain lower left side persists then you have to consult your doctor.

Prevention is always better than cure thus it is best if you can prevent any type of back problems to develop and one way of doing it is to lead a healthy lifestyle and always maintain correct posture in anything you do whether you are just sitting and doing exercise. Words of caution though, when you exercise, do not overdo it and most important thing is to maintain the right body weight to stay healthy.