Right Side Back Pain

Back pain can be very general and hard to diagnose and treat since there are various reasons behind this discomfort. Yet whatever type of back pain can forbid one from doing its daily routine of work. Back pain on the right side like mid back pain right side is quite a common thing for adults and it is usually cause by poor posture and lifting excessive weights. Nonetheless you should not ignore your back pain since there are cases of right side back pain that may need emergency treatment.

Probable Cause of Right Side Back Pain

Right side back pain can either be chronic or acute. Chronic pain recurs while acute pain comes suddenly and it usually last for a short time only. Muscle strain is the common cause of right sided pain but there are some problems related to right side back pain that is quite serious and needs immediate medical attention and it can include the following;

Slip Disc. The displacement of disc found in the spinal cord which is made up of a cartilage tissues can cause pressure on the spinal nerves which can result to inflammation and pain in the lower right or left side of the back.

Irritable Bowl Syndrome. It is an intestinal disorder that causes problems in the colon which can produce right side back pain too.

Improper Posture. This is the most common cause of right side back pain. Using stiff chairs for long time of work can cause right side back pain. Even wrong position in sleeping and walking can trigger right side back pain too. This can be easily resolved by stretching exercise and use of topical creams.

Other probable cause of pain on right side of back can include Urinary Tract Infection, Herniated Disc, Obesity, Kidney Infection and Sciatica.

Diagnosis for right side back pain can be hard. Also back pain tends to disappear on its own but if the pain persist then it is time to consult your doctor, your doctor can study your medical history and can do some testing to find the right cause of right side back pain. Treatments do depend on the cause of your back pain thus it is important that your doctor can make the right diagnosis.

So if you ever experience persistent right side back pain that won’t go away or recurs often then it is time that you consult your doctor immediately before it gets worse. Right sided back pain can still be resolved easily as long as it is diagnose early and the proper treatment is initiated. Side pain right side can be manage as long as the diagnosis is done right and early.