Left Side Back Pain

Pain in the back is very common nowadays as a result of the inactive lives that most individual lead. There can be many reasons or cause of back pain, it can be a bad posture, long hours just sitting and many more. But one thing for sure, pain in the back develops slowly without you even aware of it. The back pain is owed to the use of computers. Today work means long hours in front of a computer in most cases and as a result constant back side pain is experience.

In the United States alone, workers on average lost about 4.6 hours every week of its productive time because of specific pain condition. This condition can include back pain, arthritis, headache and other musculoskeletal conditions (J Occup Environ Med 2003)

One common condition is middle back pain left side. This pain is caused by different condition. Most of the cases can be relieve with simple treatments although it is important that you know the cause of the pain so that treatment be started.

Most of the time individual does not sit in one particular position only while using their computers and unfortunately most positions that they feel most comfortable is the wrong one and stressful in the back which often result to left back side pain. This stress in the back when applied daily can take its tool and results into a nagging pain. Left side back pain can be attributed to bad posture and sitting on uncomfortable chairs for a long time.

Cause of  Left Side Back Pain

The first thing to do is to consult your doctor when you have back pain to rule out any serious back problem. There are many serious health conditions that stems out from back pain thus if the pain is consistent and bothers you then do not wait to make it worst but see your doctor immediately. A few of the serious conditions that can bring about back pain on left side are sciatica, kidney infections and strained muscles. Consult your doctor as early as possible when you start to feel the pain so that the remedies will be simpler.

Aside from long hours of sitting down, another cause of back pain on the left side is jogging on concrete tracks. This is because the back is jarred by the movement of jogging thus jogger should use proper method in running and should wear the right footwear so as to avoid any strain on the back which in the long run would work into a back pain. The first signs of such problem will be apparent through a slight nagging pain in the left side back pain.

Today it is fact that individuals are living in a world where physical work is less than mental work. The amount of work sometimes overwhelmed us that it permits us no time to take care of our health. However if you want to stay fit and free from any back pain then you have to set a time even just a few minutes everyday to exercise regularly for this is one of the things that can help you maintain a healthy life.