Endoscopic Back Surgery Procedures

Endoscopic back surgery is one minimally invasive procedure to cure chronic back pain. The endoscopic procedure involves the use of endoscope, a flexible tube that has a lens system and fiber optic light that lets the surgeon see what is inside your body. It takes only one incision where the tube will be inserted. This method is much preferred because it brings less damaged to the tissues and muscles. Also it requires less time for recovery as well as rehabilitation. This is much safer for older patients.

However there are other types of endoscopic back surgery procedures that are worth to check upon. If surgery is your last option then make sure that you discuss with your doctor and know what type of surgery is right for you. Check below a few endoscopic back surgeries.

Transforaminal Micro Decompression

This kind of surgery is use to cure an individual from foraminal stenosis. The procedure involves enlarging the foraminal canal to ease pressure on the exiting nerves. In order to enlarge these opening, surgeons might have to eliminate ligaments that have thickened already, bone spurs and herniated disc materials. An endoscope is one tool that would best work on this procedure to enable surgeons to correctly see the exiting nerve to avoid any damage.

Micro Endoscopic Decompression (MED)

This kind of surgery is use on patients who suffer from Spinal Stenosis. Procedure involves the use of endoscope or microscope depending on what surgeon prefers. It involves eliminating any bone spurs, joint cyst, inflamed tissues, thickened ligaments and bulging disc material.


This is another version of Laminotomy. This procedure is done by using a spinal anesthesia and it can be done in outpatient basis. This surgery is use to eliminate any herniated disc that may compressed the nerves, the spinal cord or the surrounding tissues. Outcome of such procedure is good with less complications, shorter stay in the hospital and fast return to work (Acta Orthop Scand 1990).

In conclusion, endoscopic back surgery is the most preferred spinal surgery procedures these days. Doctors recommend it and even patients preferred it too. But still just like any surgical procedures, you cannot expect 100% success thus make sure to think about it a million times before undergoing a back surgery.