Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Women

There are many causes for back pain but most often back pain can be a result from improper lifting or bending, pregnancy, chronic disease or excessive exercise. Lower back pain is more common to women due to the hormonal change that happens in the body when a woman is pregnant which affects the bone.

Causes of lower back pain can affect both men and women. But there are some back pain problems that is just unique to women. It is important then for women to be aware of these conditions. Read further to know the different condition that can bring lower back pain to women.

Conditions Specific to Women

Menstrual Cycle. This can result to minor back pain. Menstrual cramps do cause lower back pain in women before or during their periods. The symptoms of pain may come every month but there are also some that do not experience it too often. It is just unfortunate for those who suffer menstrual cramps every month.

Large Breast. To be blessed with such bosom is great but it can also bring you a lifelong affliction. The heavy weight brought about by a large breast puts pressure in spine which can result to skeletal and postural changes leading to pain. A special bra style can be very useful to support large breast and lessens the symptoms of pain.

Pregnancy. Due to the added weight and change in the center of gravity it can result to lower back pain in women. Pregnancy and the positioning of the baby inside of the abdomen put a lot of pressure in the lumbar spine. Also the hormone estrogen and Relaxin contributes to loosening of the structures and ligaments of the back thus resulting to lower back pain. This back pain is just normal with pregnancy and it usually ends when you give birth.

Arthritis. This condition specifically affects women than men. The most common form of arthritis that affects women are osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. This condition leads to lower back pain in women and most often women experience more pain than men and this has been proven with several studies conducted (Science Daily 2008).

Infection in the Pelvis. This condition is rare but if it happens, it can be a complication of conditions like Appendicitis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Ulcerative colitis, Chrohn’s disease and Diverticulosis. This is a serious complication and may need medical attention immediately.

Other conditions like uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis often cause lower back pain. Bleeding in the pelvis is also rare but it can happen and can lead to lower back pain. Low back pain can also be a result of tumors whether malignant or not. This tumor usually found in the elsewhere and metastasize other parts of the body like the back.

Bone and joints condition can also cause lower back pain in women like lumbar radiculopathy, bony encroachment, and fibromyalgia. Kidney problems can also bring unpleasant low back pain.