Lower Back Pain Relief Tips

Figures shows that seventy percent of adults at one time of their life have experience lower back pain and have search continuously for back pain relief. When you are affected with pain in back, you will be lucky enough if you can go on working. Fortunately most cases of back pain goes away after several days but it is the chronic back pain which often recurs month after month that definitely needs closer medical look. The good news is that 95% who suffers back pain does not need surgery.

Most lower back pain can be manage with conventional method of treatment and here are some pain relief tips for lower back pain which can help you manage your pain and protect you from this frustrating situation.

Move Around. Rest is important for just a day or two but beyond that will cause you more problem. In fact it is best to still stay active all the time even when you experience pain. Just limit your activities instead. Staying active will help you strengthen your lower back and its surrounding major muscles.

Stop Smoking. Studies shown that smoking is like a toxic to the bone and it can cause lots of damaged to the ligaments, disc and of course the bones. So as much as possible stop smoking and you will do yourself a lot of favor that is bringing back health to your body. One finding shows that smokers have high occurrence of low back pain than non-smokers and it is quite stronger in adolescent than adults ( American Journal of Medicine 2010)

Observe the Right Posture. Always observe the right posture whether you are standing, sitting or walking. Observing the right posture helps you relieve lower back pain.

Observe Right Position When Sleeping. When sleeping, always observed the right position so as to prevent back pain. You can sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees to lessen back pressure. If you sleep in your back then you can put a pillow under your knees as well as under your head. Try to find a mattress that is not too soft or hard. So make sure to try out the beds before you buy one. Choose wisely.

Lose Excess Weight. It has been found out that most obese people are in high risk of back pain. That is why it is recommended that one should lose those excess weights to lessen the load in your back. So eat a healthy diet and maintain the right weight for you.

Exercises. Do some exercise that will promote endurance and strength to your muscles. One exercise that is best to consider is the opposite leg and arm exercise. There are lots of exercise program and it will be best if you consult your doctor first and your doctor can even recommend a good exercise program for you.

Reduce Stress. Life is just too full of stress these days and it is important that you can manage and keep your stress at bay. Do some exercises to keep you stress free. Practice deep breathing and meditation for this can greatly help lessen stress.

Observe Proper Lifting. It is important that you observe proper lifting especially when it comes to heavy objects. Try to contract your abdominals and always bend your knees when you lift instead of reaching for it without bending your knees.

Always Stay in Balance. When you are carrying one or two objects always keep your body balance. Always maintain spinal alignment, this can certainly help prevent the chance of developing lower back pain.

Maintain a Healthy Diet. Proper diet and nutrition should be observed so as to avoid developing those excess weights especially around the waistline which can tax the lower back muscles. Your diet should consist of sufficient regular intake of Vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium which aids in promoting new bone growth.

Try to observe this ten wonderful tips and it might just help you lessen pain as well as prevent any kind of back pain. If pain persists then consult a spine specialist and discuss other alternative treatment and options.