Lower Back Pain And The Kidneys

Back pain is a common ailment nowadays. For most people it is hard for them to really tell where the pain really comes. Some individuals even mistaken back pain due to kidney infections to be just a case of muscle cramps in their lower back. Note that when you have a kidney infection the pain felt is usually in the lower back and just above the hip area. You might get relieve for a little while from the pain when you stretch but the pain does not really come from muscle cramps at all.

Kidney pain can be hard to recognize only with kidney infections it comes out suddenly. You may be feeling very well when you went to bed and wake up with a terrible pain in your side or back. Wondering how you can recognize back ache from kidney infection? The thing is you must find other symptoms other than lower back pain that is associated with kidney infections. Other symptoms of kidney infections includes stomach upset, chills, fever, blood in the urine, and burning feeling or painful urination. But then again individuals experience different symptoms but most of the time pain in the kidneys is present.

If you think you are experiencing any of these symptoms along with a terrible pain in the lower back then waste no time and consult your doctor. It certainly merits an immediate medical attention. It is important that such condition should be diagnosed so that proper treatment will be started. If you have kidney infection then it is important that you will start treatment right away with antibiotics. Know that kidney infections does not go away on its own but it has to be treated with a set of antibiotics.

If your symptoms actually a start of kidney disease then this is quite serious and should not be taken for granted. Make sure that you are thoroughly examined so as to figure out what causes the problem. At home when dealing with kidney back pain, you can take some over the counter pain medications to reduce some pain and even reduce fever if you have one. The use of warm compress may give you some relief or even soaking in a hot bath. Make sure to drink lots of fluids to flush any toxins or stones in the kidney.

Water is the best and avoid alcohol and coffee since they are irritants to your kidney. For preventive measures, Cranberry juice is a good one to avoid any kidney problems in the future. If you notice any urinary tract infection then make sure to start treatment right away so as to avoid any bacteria to spread to your kidney.

Advice from iHealth is to seek medical attention if you experience any or all of the symptoms mentioned above. Your kidney is an important organ in your body and it can be disastrous if it fails.