Lower Back Pain In Early Pregnancy

Symptoms for early pregnancy differ from one woman to another. The truth is you might have different symptoms from one pregnancy to another. If it is your first then you might have a hard journey as you experience the different changes that take place in your body for the whole nine months. Most of the time your next pregnancy is much better and smoother because your body is able to adjust and accept the changes.

What do you expect then in the early stages of your pregnancy? Is low back pain normal in early pregnancy? Check out a good list of symptoms that a pregnant women would likely experience in their early stages of pregnancy.

Heartburn. This is the most common symptoms that most pregnant women experience in their first few weeks of pregnancy and is most likely to stay all throughout the pregnancy term. You will most likely experience this just after few weeks of conception thus it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor and not take any anti-acids or any medicine for such problems.

Constipation. This is usually cause by an increased production of hormones and another is the swelling of your uterus. Constipation can also result to heartburn since the body likely has increased stomach acid. That is why doctors recommend to their patient to eat small meals but frequent since this can be easily digested. Also consume lots of fruits and vegetables especially papaya and pineapple for they are high of digestive enzymes which aids in digesting. And of course not to forget drinking plenty of water to aid with digestions too.

Back Pain and Early Pregnancy. Back ache during early pregnancy is very common, in fact it is observed in about eighty percent of expecting mothers. The safest remedy that one can undergo to treat back pain in early pregnancy is through exercise like walking, mini-crunches, bridging, pelvic rocking and many more. A good posture can also bring lots of benefits to pregnant women and of course enough sleep and rest is necessary in preventing early pregnancy back pain.

Specifically lower back pain in early pregnancy is quite common along with the usual symptoms like nausea, frequent urination, morning sickness, increased basal temperature, dizziness and missed periods. If you observed other pregnant women, you will discover that they experience lower back pain during early pregnancy or in their first trimester. Thus do not be alarmed if you experience lower back pain as early as two weeks after conception. Indeed low back pain in expectant mothers are quite common and is nothing to be concern of unless it is cause by other some serious condition. Early pregnancy lower back pain usually goes away the moment you give birth.

Lower back pain early pregnancy occurrence during the first three months or twelve weeks is about twenty-two percent and about fifty percent of pregnant women experience low back pain during their pregnancy (Spine 1991). Back pain may range from mild to severe and may pave the way for patients to experience back pain on their next pregnancy.

Opposite to what is said that back pain is brought about the increase maternal weight, there is no enough evidence to support that at all. Studies have shown that exercise and maternal weight gain does not bring you high risk for lower back pain instead the biomechanical factors of pregnancy is the one that shows a link to lower back pain. This includes the depth of lumbar lordosis, transverse diameter and the abdominal sagittal.

Several factors may increase your risk of back pain during pregnancy and that includes walking, lifting, bending forward, sitting and even standing. It is better to avoid certain activities like stair climbing, direct bending without bending the knee and more. This tends to aggravate your lower back pain.

Low back pain due to pregnancy seems to be natural although pain is not normal at all but just as there is pain during childbirth which is just normal then lower back pain in early pregnancy is quite a natural occurrence too. Once the baby is born then lower back pain will slowly disappear too although there are instances when lower back pain in early pregnancy can result to herniated disc in the back which can delay recovery and sometimes even bring permanent damage.