How To Cure Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common problem for people today. It can be a result from sitting too long, trauma, lifting heavy objects or poor body posture. Various medications can relieve the pain but it will just be temporary. The pain may recur again. It is better then if you try out natural lower back pain remedies. This might take some time to take effect but it does not bring any side effects at all and are very safe. Check below some of the most recommended natural cures for lower back pain.

Body Massage. One of the classic ways of curing lower back pain is body massage. A massage around the vertebrae will help ease the pain and helps you relax. It can also relieve you from depression, anxiety and stress which is known to be a cause of lower back pain. Just make sure to get a professional massager to do the job.

Ice Pack. This is one popular natural cure for lower back pain. Doctors often recommend the use of one after any injury or whenever pain occurs. Just put crushed ice to a bag and wrap it with a towel and place it in your lower back for about 30 minutes. Do this thrice a day every 30 minutes.

Hot water compress. Another effective method to use is the hot water compress. Just make sure first that there is no swelling in the affected area. Also a hot shower would be good to relieve you from your lower back pain since it helps your lower back muscles to relax immediately.

Relax. Stress and tension can result to a lower back pain so try to relax yourself. With that you can try out yoga, reflexology, acupressure and meditation. You can also try out aromatherapy which can help take away your stress and will leave you with a soothing and relaxing experience. The essential oils use will help in easing your sore muscles.

Right Posture. It is important that you maintain a right body posture. Sitting upright and taking breaks every now and then will solve your lower back pain. Also using a cushion to properly support your lower back would be a great idea. When you pick light or heavy objects make sure that you bend your knee when you lift one.

Exercise. Lower back stretches would be good. It will help to strengthen your muscles. The exercises worth to try is the hip flexor stretch and hamstring stretch. Do it regularly or make it apart of your daily routine and you will be surprise at how it will help relieve you from your lower back pain.

Most of all try to rest your back every now and then. You do not have to have complete bed rest for the whole day for that will only worsen the pain, just rest every now and then and if the pain really persists and is becoming worst then it is time you consult your doctor for further treatment. The key here is to stay relax and you will be free from back pain for good. Relief from back pain can be achieved through combination of the treatment mentioned above.