Physical Therapy For Back Pain

Back pain is common ailments experience by most individual these days especially low back pain. Recurrent low back pain which lasted between two to six weeks can be managed by exercises and physical therapy. Generally the purpose of exercises and physical therapy are to increase mobility and function; to prevent further recurrences of pain and of course to lessen back pain. There are different forms of physical therapy and a physical therapist may focus in lessening the pain through inactive physical therapy like the following;

Hot and Cold Packs

This is the most common type of inactive physical therapy – the use of hot and cold packs. This therapy lessens muscle inflammation and spasm. Some individuals respond much better with hot packs while others with cold packs. This two can also be use alternately. Usually the packs are applied for ten to twenty minutes once for every two hours and this is usually done at the first sign of pain.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS)

This unit makes use of electrical stimulation to alter the pain experience in low back thus blocking the pain signal that is delivered to the brain. A trial is still done first and when the patient experience pain relief then this might then be use for back pain relief in a long term-basis.


This is a form of deep heating where sound waves are applied to the skin and breaks through the soft tissues. Ultrasound is beneficial in relieving severe pain and may even promote tissue healing.


Steroids are being delivered to the skin through Iontophoresis. The procedure involves steroid applied to the skin and an electrical current is applied which make it travel under the skin. The steroids then bring anti-inflammatory effect in the area affected with pain. This form of physical therapy is very effective in relieving severe pain.

Aside from inactive physical therapy, active or dynamic physical therapy is also needed to recuperate the spine. A dynamic physical therapy consists of exercise and most back exercise program should have the following combination;

Stretching Exercise for Back Pain

It is important that all individual should include stretching exercise in their daily routine especially those who are suffering from back pain. For those who suffer from pain in the low back, they should perform hamstring stretch once or even twice daily. Hamstring exercise is simple thing to perform and does not take much of your time. It is best though that this exercises be perform at the same time every day.

Strengthening Exercise for Back Pain

Performing at least fifteen to twenty minutes of strengthening exercise or a strengthening prescribed exercise by your physical therapist done three times a week or every other day.

Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

Low impact aerobics like swimming, biking or walking should be done about thirty to forty minutes every other day.

It has been proven in a study that a number of patients who suffers from back pain benefits from physical therapy. You can even benefit more if you add exercise, manual physical therapy interventions and treadmill walking program ( Spine 2006).