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Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

What is Inversion Therapy? Inversion therapy requires the user to hang upside down and use a gentle traction to the spine. Inversion have existed as early as 400 BC and it is only in 1981 that it begins to make known again. Inversion Therapy helps to treat back pain and most of all is use […]

IronMan LXT850 Locking Inversion Therapy Table

Inversion therapy is getting popular nowadays because of its claim of back pain relief without resorting to surgery or taking of medicines or going through hours of therapy. The most modern way of treatment for back pain is through Inversion therapy. Inversion therapy is not really complicated. It just puts a person in an upside […]

Ironman Gravity 2000 Inversion Table

Too many people nowadays are seeking the most effective method in treating back pain. It can be frustrating when the problem keeps coming back and surgery is not a very desirable option for an individual maybe because of the high risk one is taking. When you undergo surgery it does not really guarantee  you 100% […]

Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

IronMan Fitness is one brand that is quite popular when you talk about physical fitness equipment. They are designed for strength, stamina, endurance, performance and speed. They have strived hard to put up their name in the fitness industry and so far their products have by far exceeded customer’s expectation. They have become the standards […]

IronMan ATIS 3500 AB Training Inversion Table

IronMan ATIS 3500 AB Training Inversion Table is great additional equipment in your home. It is a good investment of your money as well as to your health. This inversion table adds to your health as a whole through optimizing lumbar hold or grip hence alleviating strain on your spinal disc and nerve roots.

Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Training System Inversion Therapy

Utilizing Ironman ATIS 1000 AB Training System Inversion Therapy is a great way to reduce your fatigue and back pain. Not only it does that, it also stimulates the person’s blood circulation. Healthy abs may also come its way depending on the user’s goal. This equipment is a great household accessory must buy. How does […]