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What Is The Best Pain Relief Ointment?

Pain is the oldest medical problem man face and pain management or complete removal of such has been the ultimate goal of medical professionals. From ancient medicine practices to modern day healthcare professionals, each of them has their own suggestion or recommendation of the best pain relief from medications to topical solutions like creams, gels […]

What Are The Best Natural Pain Relievers?

Pain is one ailment in the body that is quite common with individual today. It is alarming to see the number of individuals affected with back pain cause by various health conditions. It can be frustrating when over the counter pain relievers does not work anymore and you have to take stronger medicines which brings […]

What Is The Best Pain Relief Rub?

Too much physical activity may result to joint pain even after you take your usual arthritis pain reliever. You may try using over the counter pain relief rub or cream to lessen the pain instead of taking another pill. But the question most people ask is if this over the counter cream or rub really […]

Best Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

There are a lot of misconceptions when you talk about Arthritis today. Arthritis is considered America’s number one most frustrating and painful condition and cause for most disability of individuals. Anyone is at risk of this condition, in fact it is believed that a third of the adult population will eventually get it. Arthritis especially […]

Exercises For Leg Pain Relief

Pain in the legs is a common occurrence and is experience by most individual at some point of time. Fortunately most leg pain goes away on its own. But there are cases too when leg pain is too severe and might need immediate medical attention. Leg pain is quite a broad subject but to understand […]

Tens Unit For Back Pain

Pain is the most common reason why people go in and see their physicians thus prompting the population in United States to seek medical care every year. It is estimated by experts that almost eighty percent of the people have experience back pain problem even once in their lifetime. In fact figures have shown that […]

Magnetic Therapy For Back Pain

Magnetic therapy for back pain relief is another option in treating symptoms. These magnets have been use by medical profession for thousands of years all over the world. Studies have shown that magnets provide noticeable effects on blood, other bodily tissues. The use of such magnets today in health care has remained to be controversial […]

Herniated Disc Pain Relief

Back Pain can be the worst and most frustrating condition especially pain resulting from Herniated disc. The pain from Herniated disc can be very stubborn at times but it can be very disabling. The discs serve as a cushion that is found between the vertebrae of the spine. This disc is made up of a […]

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

What is Inversion Therapy? Inversion therapy requires the user to hang upside down and use a gentle traction to the spine. Inversion have existed as early as 400 BC and it is only in 1981 that it begins to make known again. Inversion Therapy helps to treat back pain and most of all is use […]

FitPro 2010 Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table

You would be surprised at how the medical community has ignored this time-tested treatment for back pain. For 2000 years doctors are just too busy treating the symptoms of back pain and not really the cause. They often treat it with anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, electrical stimulation and more. They tend to forget that the […]