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Upper Back Pain Causes

Most people who work with computers are the ones at high risk with upper back pain. Most of the time upper back pain happens with shoulder or neck pain. Since more and more people are working with computers, upper back pain is fast becoming a common complaint nowadays. So what causes upper back pain? Upper […]

Causes Of Burning Back Pain

Burning back pain is a common complain by many patients. It can be a cause of other health conditions. Below are the list of the most common causes of burning back pain.

Causes Of Middle Back Pain

The occurrence of low back pain is about eighty percent that is about thirty-one million Americans have experience it at any given time. It is second to the most common cold as the reason why patient seek medical care. Most cause of back pain are not serious although there are cases too where it is […]

Best Back Spasm Treatments

Have you experience back spasm? It is an involuntary muscular tightening and is quite painful. Mild to severe pain may be an outcome of muscle cramps in the back. Sports individual or athletes are the ones most likely to experience severe back pain due to pulled muscle in the back. The muscle pain may spread […]

Most Common Leg Pain Causes

Leg pain can be a cause for alarm, it can be disabling sometimes. Common cause of leg pain includes arthritis and complications that arise from spinal disease. Short term pain in the leg can be cause by injuries in the legs like short gout attacks and torn muscles. The common spinal conditions that results of […]

Causes Of Severe Neck Pain

Most people do experience neck pain due to poor posture but for some people it might be a sign of a more serious health conditions. Listed below are some of the problems that might lead to neck pain.

Causes Of Left Arm Pain

There are many conditions that may cause left arm pain.  The most common cause is muscle injuries which include bruise and strains. But specific environmental factors, medical conditions, and trauma can also cause pain in the left arm. Pain in the left arm can be mild or severe depending on the source of the pain […]

Ruptured Disc Treatment

Ruptured disc is sometimes cause by injury, normal wear and tear due to aging or a disease. When it is damaged this disc ruptures or bulge that is why it is called ruptured disc or herniated disc. In most instances ruptured disc does not need any surgery at all. Most patient recover from such condition […]

Causes Of Chronic Leg Pain

Any pain in any part of your body is always a cause of concern and should not be neglected. Pain is one way of telling you that something is wrong. Mild pain might not get your attention that much but if that pain becomes too severe that it prevents you from doing your regular activities […]

What Causes Inner Thigh Pain?

Inner thigh pain is mostly caused by groin strain, which is a common type of injury sustained by runners or people who participate in sports that involve a lot of running — such as tennis, soccer, and many more. A groin injury can be serious or mild, it can be a slight strain of the […]