Causes Of Burning Back Pain

Burning back pain is a common complain by many patients. It can be a cause of other health conditions. Below are the list of the most common causes of burning back pain.

Tight and Tired Muscles. Burning pain is a result from tight and tired muscles. Sitting for a long period of time or lifting some heavy objects can caused your muscles to tighten. Alleviating the pain may need hot compress in the affected area or taking a hot bath may relieve some of the tightness of the muscles thus relieve some of the pain.

Herniated or Ruptured Disc. Due to advance of age, an individual is most likely to develop herniated or ruptured disc. This ruptured or herniated disc may be cause of the burning back pain.

Health Diseases. Burning back pain maybe an underlying cause of other serious health conditions like paresthesia. If this burning pain turns slowly to numbness or tingling there is a chance that there is some nerve damage in your back or an injury. Consult your physician to rule out any other health conditions that may contribute to burning pain in back.

Pregnancy. The additional weight during pregnancy can add pressure in your back which can cause burning pain. This can be relieved by a right exercise to strengthen the muscles at the back. Make sure to ask your doctor the right exercise for you to perform.

Other causes of burning back pain are pelvic imbalance, tight and weak muscles and poor joint movement.

It is important though to rightly identify the cause of the burning back pain so as the right treatment can be given. There are traditional methods to treat you burning back pain and if all fails then your doctor might suggest surgery if the cause is much serious and involves the spine.