Causes Of Mid Back Pain

Middle back pain is a rare occurrence yet it can still happen but not as common as pain in the neck or lower back since that part of the spine is not often as bent as the other two mention. Generally this condition does heal on its own with rest and exercises but in some cases it may need surgery.

What are the major causes of Mid Back Pain?

Most of the mid back pain cause is a muscular pain. Exercise can do a lot of good to your back but it can do lots of harm too if it is overdone. Too much exercise can actually strain the ligaments and muscles that support the back. This is quite common with individuals who just started their exercise program and try to lift weights that are too heavy.

Mid back pain can also be a cause from traumatic injury. Car accidents can cause severe injury which needs immediate medical attention.
Other possible cause of mid back pain is poor posture especially if you work long hours sitting in front of your computer. This is devastating to your back. Always stretch out and walk around for a few minutes every now and then.

Another cause is sleeping on a very soft mattress. This lacks support to your spine while you sleep. Carrying heavy bag on your shoulder can cause middle back pain too. And last but not the least is being overweight. This certainly causes middle back pain. Having all those extra fats in the body means you are carrying those extra weights of your body the whole day through. So better start losing those extra pounds now.

If your middle back pain is persistent and continue even after some rest and mid back pain exercise then it might tell you that the problem is more serious and you should seek medical help immediately. When you know the real cause of the pain then proper treatment can be started.

Disc herniation can be cause thus you need to consult your doctor and also if your middle back pain occurs in the left side then it can be a sign of heart problems so you should see a doctor immediately. Do not ignore if you feel pain in any part of your body because it means that something is wrong or is telling you that you have overdo things and needs rest already.