Causes Of Left Arm Pain

There are many conditions that may cause left arm pain.  The most common cause is muscle injuries which include bruise and strains. But specific environmental factors, medical conditions, and trauma can also cause pain in the left arm. Pain in the left arm can be mild or severe depending on the source of the pain and the tissues involved. Listed below is some of the most common cause of left arm pain.

Heart Attack

Heart attack can cause pain in left arm. Heart attack happens when there is lack of oxygenated blood to the heart which maintains the heart health and function. The most common cause of heart attack is blockage of the coronary arteries. This artery is the one that delivers fresh blood to the heart. Other cause of heart attack is over exhaustion, hypertension and aortic valve stenosis. Common signs and symptoms include left arm pain, too much sweat, and chest pain, feelings of fear for the future and shortness of breath. Many people are aware of the arm pain heart attack connection but have trouble remembering which side they should be worried about. It is the left arm; the same side of the body where you can feel your heart beating.

Humerus Fracture

A humerus fracture can also cause left arm pain. This happens when the upper bone in the arm close to the elbow cracks. Common signs and symptoms of this condition include stiffness, swelling, pain, bruising, tenderness in the affected arm and a feeling of instability.

These two conditions are the most common cause of left arm pain. It is important that you consult your doctor if you experience it. Pain in the left arm can indicate heart problems thus it is something that one should not ignore. Identification of the cause of left arm pain can be done through physical examination, blood tests, x-ray and of course evaluation of the patient’s description of the pain.

Treatment depends on the cause of the left arm pain. So proper identification of the cause is important so that a proper treatment or medications will be administered. Not all left arm pain is related to heart attack. However it is better to consult your doctor if you experience left arm pain to get it diagnose as early as possible.